Updates from your Dry Cleaner

Tips and useful information:

What good would we be as dry cleaners if we didn’t offer some of the updates and tips we have acquired over the last 60+ years?  On this page, we will give some facts about stains, fabrics, our staff, history, and just about anything textile related we can think of.

Stain Oxidation (Yellowing)

What is Stain Oxidation? Ever notice a nice yellow or brown stain/stains when you unpack your “clean” stored away garments?  A wonderful surprise right?  It is most common to see this in stored underwear, sheets, and towels. But can also happen to your favorite silk blouse, wedding gown, etc.  The worst part is that it

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Dress Shirts

In the dry cleaning industry, we tend to overlook the fact that not every customer or local resident is aware of the book of services we provide to our community. While dry cleaning items may take a bigger bite out of your budget, there is one commonly worn garment that certainly doesn’t break the bank. Your

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