Stain Oxidation (Yellowing)

What is Stain Oxidation?

Ever notice a nice yellow or brown stain/stains when you unpack your “clean” stored away garments?  A wonderful surprise right?  It is most common to see this in stored underwear, sheets, and towels. But can also happen to your favorite silk blouse, wedding gown, etc.  The worst part is that it isn’t visible for a while.  The yellowing results from oxidation (the loss of electrons during a reaction by a molecule, atom or iron) of un-removed stains which usually have a protein component that needs to be removed.  These are big, complex structures that are best broken down using enzymes. Unfortunately, these materials are not found in every laundry product and they are rather slow to work.  The result of oxidation can also be seen in a cut apple.  Ever wonder why the apple turns a brownish after it sits for a while?  Oxidation is your cause.  Check out this video explaining oxidation a little further.

Why do apples turn brown?

What can I do about it?

At home, use a good powdered detergent (without bleach) in a bucket of hot water, and make sure the detergent is dissolved prior to adding the clothes.   Let the yellowed garments sit for a while (overnight recommended) and clean the next day as the label instructs.  Lastly, if this happens to your dry clean only garments, or if you are unsuccessful at home, leave it to the professionals to take care of.  We have undergone intense bleaching and stain removal courses, and can make your garments look like new again!  Hope this was informative.

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